Keys to Getting a Wheelchair Stair Lift for a Commercial Property

16 July 2020
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If you have commercial property with stairs and tend to receive customers in wheelchairs frequently, then you need to accommodate their special needs. In this case, you'll need to get a wheelchair stairlift. Carrying out this transaction can be a smooth process if you consider this advice. Get a Foldable Design There will be times when this wheelchair lift isn't always needed around your property. It's thus a good idea to look for a wheelchair stairlift that has a foldable design. Read More 

Alternative Uses For Medical Gas Hoses

21 November 2016
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Medical gas hoses are used primarily with oxygen and anesthetic gases during surgery. They are hospital grade, sterile hoses that are thick-walled and flexible so that they can easily be moved around a hospital bed or surgical table without kinking, curling or cracking (like rubber hoses). That said, their desired properties make them ideal for several other uses too. The following alternative uses for medical gas hoses may prove useful to anyone not in the medical field. Read More 

Three Other Uses For Veterinary Ultrasound Machines You May Not Have Known About

23 August 2016
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Veterinary ultrasound machines are almost always used to detect pregnancies in large animals, such as horses and cows. In fact, that is usually what most veterinarians use these machines for and many are not aware of the fact that an ultrasound machine can have many other uses. The following three uses for a veterinary ultrasound machine may prove useful to you in your veterinary practice, and you may want to try them out just for practice along the way. Read More 

Two Important Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Used Ultrasound Machine

5 February 2016
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You can find a quality ultrasound machine to meet your needs. However, this has everything to do with you. As a medical provider, you understand firsthand the importance of proper research and examination. Apply these skills when looking for a used unit. While features and price are important, these aren't the only important considerations. There are a couple of other things you want to consider that are just as important. Read More 

Mobility Scooters And HOAs: You Have the Power

10 November 2015
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If you are looking at getting a mobility scooter and are currently living in an area run by a homeowner's association—whether you're a renter or owner—know your rights as defined by both the association's rules and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Sometimes you run across neighbors or HOA officials who are unaware of the difference between a mobility scooter and a for-fun motorized scooter, and the result can be a bunch of legal headaches for you. Read More